Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase

Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase
Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase
Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase From Salter Spiral Stairs (4)
adjustable aluminum spiral staircase
Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase
Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase
Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase From Salter Spiral Stairs (4)
adjustable aluminum spiral staircase

Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Staircase

  • Lifetime Of Exterior Use, No Rust!

  • Adjustable Sleeve Provides Flexibility During Installation For Floor To Floor Height Adjustments.

  • Optional Textured Treads For Added Traction.

  • Closed Tread Ends For An Added Finished Look.

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Check all of the boxes with the Adjustable Aluminum Spiral Stair. It has the same strength and style of our continuous sleeve Aluminum Spiral Stair at a more affordable price point. The adjustable sleeves give you flexibility to fit several different heights, no exact measurement needed! The rust prohibitive aluminum frame gives you the durability you’re looking for for an outdoor staircase.

  • Adjustable Sleeves For Flexibility
  • Sleek Silver Finish
  • Weatherproof Spiral Stair
  • Code Compliant Options Available

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Our adjustable sleeve spiral stairs are the perfect DIY project for a weekend.

Learn more about our adjustable sleeve installation here.

Material: Aluminum

  • This spiral stair features a rust prohibitive aluminum frame. This means no maintenance through all climates and weather.
  • This staircase can not be powder coated but has a shinny raw finish that is weather proof.
  • Featuring: Adjustable Sleeve Treads which gives flexibility on the height dimensions and number of treads needed to make code.

Learn more about our Aluminum Spiral Stairs here.

  1. Where do you ship?
    • While shipping charges can vary dramatically, we ship to all US States and Canada.
  2. How big of an opening do I need?
    • For any stair ordered with vertical balusters, you need an opening that is 2” larger than the diameter of the stair.  Any stairs ordered with horizontal line rail needs an opening that is 4” larger than the diameter of the stair.
  3. What is Floor to Floor height?
    • Floor to floor height is the measurement from the bottom floor’s finished surface to the finished surface of the upper floor.
  4. Are the treads adjustable?
    • Some models are offered with an adjustable treads where your final riser height can be determined on site, during installation.
  5. Is the travel direction reversible or does that have to be determined before I order?
    • Most of our standard models’ rotation (travel direction) are reversible and can be determined on site, during installation.
  6. How customizable are your stairs?
    • With the exception of our econo series, our stairs can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements.
  7. How do I know if the stair I want meets code?
    • Our team of design consultants are well-versed in the most current code requirements and can answer any questions you have.  We always recommend contacting a local building code inspector to make sure you know what code is enforced in your particular area.
  8. Do you provide any documentation for building code inspectors or architects?
    • For an additional fee, we can provide documentation in many different formats and requirements; from shop drawings to engineering stamps and calculations.
  9. Is there anything I can do to fill up some of the gap between treads?
    • We offer riser bars and limiters for our econo and econo + models.  For our classic series, we also offer many different code compliant tread styles for a similar effect.
  10. Will this spiral stair rust outside?
    • The adjustable aluminum spiral stair features a rust resistant aluminum that lasts in all weather conditions. This maintenance free stair is perfect for outdoor spaces in any climate!
  11. What is a half turn staircase?
    • The half-turn staircase, or 2/4, is a variant of the quarter-turn staircase. With this type of staircase, from the base to the top, the steps and the person on them turn 180°.


Mark N


Positive: Quality, Appearance

The quality of the stairs was outstanding. They arrived well-packaged and complete. The instructions were precise. The final product looks great. The manufacture time was longer than predicted.

Richard Mason

Carlsbad, CA

Positive: Customer Service, Installation, Price

Easy to install stairs. I like the open air look and the speed on what I put them up. It is easier with 3 people. It took us 4 hours to complete the job. The only issue I found on the galvanized coating is there are some sharp areas from the dipping, but not terrible, but I may ask for them to send me a new rail. The rest I am very happy with. It is very sturdy. The customer service is great.

Jaissa Feliz


Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Responsiveness

The product was exactly as described and arrived in good condition when I was told it would arrive. I was nervous about making such a big purchase from an out of state supplier without being able to see it first but I am happy with the results. The representative I worked with was very attentive and responsive. She even had a zoom meeting with me before I ordered to show me plans of how the stairs would look, what material they’re made of, delivery details, and to answer all my questions. I recommend!

Scott Coffman

Honolulu, HI

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Professional and friendly design consultation, quality product and good directions for installation. Everything arrived in one box on a pallet, plus the separate center column. Haven't installed it yet, but getting ready to do it soon.

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