Aluminum Spiral Stair Kits (Indoor & Outdoor)

Aluminum Stairs for Indoor or Outdoor Use

The Perfect Staircase for Your Deck

Stunning, Customizable Aluminum Designs

Of any outdoor spiral staircase option out there, aluminum stairs are by far the longest lasting. Salter Spiral Stair takes that to the next level by offering this outdoor staircase line with a proprietary powder coated finish on top of the already weather-impervious metal staircase. Combine that with our ability to apply any color on the Pantone color match system and you have a stair that will last several lifetimes in any color you can imagine.

On top of the custom color ability, Salter also offers a wide range of stair part options to help you customize every inch of your stair. From tread profiles, to baluster styles, you have your pick. Plus, Salter uses a Continuous Sleeve build system for the column that gives it a single piece look, making your stair sleek and unique.

An Aluminum Spiral Stair pairs function and style, making it the perfect solution for applications that call for a custom stair. Beach houses and boats call for a staircase that won’t rust in corrosive sea air, but matches your space’s aesthetic. The custom color finish makes Salter’s Aluminum stairs the perfect choice for a treehouse stair. Our designers can color match the surrounding area for a staircase that keeps the focus on its surroundings.

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Aluminum Spiral Staircase Design Factors

The greatest benefit of an aluminum spiral staircase is its ability to last a lifetime with zero maintenance in even the harshest of environments, so you can install it literally anywhere and never have to worry about its performance or look again. That makes it an unbeatable investment and the perfect solution for anywhere you might require a long-term addition for your home or commercial space.


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Complimentary Design

An Aluminum Deck Stair has a style that compliments any home’s exterior design with clean lines that accent your home.

Custom Color Options

Create a visual centerpiece for your backyard. Our unique powder coat option allows you to achieve a custom color for your Aluminum Deck spiral stair to either match or strikingly compliment your decor!

Functional Style

Aluminum stairs are the perfect solution for someone looking for a beautiful stair for their multilevel deck. The Aluminum Deck stair doesn’t sacrifice security or functionality for design.

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Design Your Aluminum Deck Spiral Stair

We Offer a Wide Range of Styles and Options to Create Your Custom Stair Solution

Call us to speak with an expert stair designer for help choosing the right stair options and other important decisions like location, measurements, rotation, design, safety, and building code considerations.

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You’ll get quick and accurate pricing plus our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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