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Stunning, Traditional, Victorian Elegance

The Perfect Staircase for any Traditional Home

Design Your Forged Iron Spiral Stair

If you’re looking for an indoor spiral staircase with unmatched Old-World class, Salter’s wrought iron spiral staircase is the perfect addition. Our wrought iron spiral staircases offer multiple tread styles, balusters, and hand rail options, each ornate and beautiful in a different way. The scroll work in our wrought iron balusters combined with the single piece look of our Continuous Sleeve build column creates an overall staircase ideally suited for refined settings from libraries to home studies.

Combine the ornate details in all of our wrought iron components with the right selection of wood species for accent pieces (ranging from bright alder to rich Brazilian cherry) and you have a showroom worthy spiral stair with a grand presence. This stair belongs in a grand foyer, home office or library, or study. An space that begs to project an air of sophistication is the ideal setting for this elegant staircase.

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Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase Design Factors

In addition to the Old-World elegance it offers, the plethora of ornate component options, and the various accent styles available thanks to the numerous wood species, another benefit of the wrought iron spiral staircase is how simple it is to assemble and install despite its upper scale appearance. The iron spiral stair affords you an high-level look with kit level ease of assembly.


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Traditional Elegance

A Forged Iron spiral stair holds the elegance of traditional designs. The combination of iron and wood gives you a timeless design that will elevate your home’s style.

Baluster Options

You can easily recognize a Forged Iron spiral stair by looking at the decorate balusters. They take a basic feature and elevate it to something beautiful.

Ornate Details

No detail is too small on a Forged Iron spiral stair. Our cast iron endcaps finish off your stair’s design with a classic flourish.

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Design Your Forged Iron Spiral Stair

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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