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Choosing the right finish for your spiral stair provides the necessary protective layer for outdoor applications but also allows you to customize your stair to fit your taste. Salter Spiral Stair provides powder-coated options for aluminum and steel stairs to match any color that appears on the Pantone perfect spectrum or RAL color matching systems. We value your ability to make your stair truly unique to your home design. Just take a look at our sample of the most popular custom colors below. For more options, preview the plethora of custom colors available on either Pantone or RAL color libraries.

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Classic Steel Spiral Staircase Indoor


Choosing spiral stair finishes

The last thing done to your stair, typically during the manufacturing process, should also be what makes it stand out in terms of color and stand up in terms of durability the most. The finalizing nature of that thing is even in the name, the “finish.”

Giving a stair a finish provides you with the assurance that it will be preserved against several of the adverse elements of time. Essentially, finishing is a way of protecting your investment.

To make sure that protection operate as it should, both in terms of pleasing looks and the protective aspect, it’s to your benefit to take the time and pick the right kind of material and finish combination.

Why finish your stairs?

As mentioned, finishing gives your stair an armor that protects it against adverse elements to help it last. In most case, when we think of finishing, we’re thinking in terms of how to protect your outdoor stair application.

The right finish gives your stair the toughness it needs to stand up to outdoor elements such as salt air, all kinds of precipitation and other causes of moisture in the air, sunlight, and even pollution levels. All of these factors can corrode and damage your stair if it isn’t treated and finished correctly, so make sure to look at what your stair manufacturer offers in terms of finishing and protecting your stair and investment before purchasing from them.

Powder Coated Steel Spiral Stair

A custom aesthetic

An additional benefit to picking a stellar finish for your stair is that you can make your stair any color you can think of. That makes it a lot easier to match your stair to your existing décor and create an overall feel and theme to your space.

There are standard colors, black and white, that act as default choices for some finishes. And these two colors are easy to match to many styles and designs. But if you want something a little more custom and personalized then these two options obviously won’t do. So you want a stair manufacturer equipped to give you that option of a unique color or colors.

If that’s a desirable option, then taking the time to plan out your color scheme in detail is a worthwhile pursuit.

Follow these basic guidelines and finding the right finish for your needs to make your stair beautiful and last should be a simple matter.

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