Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Handcrafted Beauty

The Benefits of a Solid Wood Spiral Stair

Our Solid Wood spiral stair gives you the classic beauty of an all wood stair without the appearance of a pre-packaged kit. Our wood stairs are available in a variety of wood species, including oak, maple, hickory, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, and mahogany. Additional species are available upon request. We ship you your stair unfinished so the stair can be finished to match its surroundings, furthering the custom design!

While our all-wood spiral stairs have no metal sleeve in the column, the strength of your stair will never be compromised. The embedded hardened steel fasteners connect your treads to the center column to create a solid structure. The solid wood balusters have clean and simple designs. You can also choose to use Forged Iron balusters to create a unique pattern across your staircase. The smooth designs of our solid wood treads continue the clean lines throughout the entire stair.

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The Warmth of Wood

Our Solid Wood spiral staircase is a quiet accent to any home décor. It fits into open spaces and supports your traditional home design.


Beauty & Craftsmanship

he beauty of a Solid Wood spiral stair is that the craftsmanship is at the forefront of the design. Our stairs are all handcrafted in our wood shop to your individual specifications.


Strength & Stability

Our Solid Wood spiral stairs feature internal steel fasteners from the tread to the center column. You keep an all wood aesthetic without losing the strength and stability of our metal frames.

Design Your Solid Wood Spiral Stair

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