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Style with a Small Footprint

With the growing number of renovated commercial buildings in urban areas, industrial interior design is becoming more and more popular. Homeowners want to keep the original integrity of the space, while adding a few homey touches to the newly residential spaces. Urban spaces are limited in square footage and often use lofts or mezzanines to maximize their space. Spiral stairs not only fit into your industrial home design, but their small footprint will also help you to use all of your space efficiently!

Spiral stairs build on top of themselves which keeps the staircase’s footprint to a small circle in your floorplan. With the footprint being as small as a 42” x 42” circle, you can easily fit your spiral stair into a corner and out of the way of your main living space. This helps you to maximize the space in your industrial home.

When it comes to industrial stairs, Salter Spiral Stair has plenty of design options to create a stair that fits seamlessly into your space. Our most popular stair line, the Classic Steel spiral stair, is known for its versatility and is the perfect match for an industrial space. It comes with a primed black steel frame that highlights a commonly used material in industrial design. You can choose to have diamond plated steps for a true warehouse look, or add a homey touch with wood step covers.

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steel spiral stair with wood

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

The Classic Steel Spiral Stair takes an affordable steel frame and pairs it with durable finishes and safety features to complete your industrial aesthetic.

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aluminum beach house stairs

Aluminum Spiral Stairs

Aluminum Spiral Stairs are a lightweight frames that are finished with a custom color for a metal staircase that matches your industrial space’s style.

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galvanized outdoor spiral stair

Galvanized Spiral Stairs

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the Galvanized Steel Spiral Stair has a durable and metallic silver finish that completes an industrial space.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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