Spiral Stair Installation

If you’ve gone through all the trouble of deciding upon a manufacturer, choosing a style and material, and preparing a spot, you want the spiral stair you’ve just invested a significant level of cash in to be as headache free as possible when it arrives.

If you’re not working with a contractor that desire for the stair to be headache free primarily means two things.

1. You want the stair to be damage free after shipment
2. And this one is very important: you want that spiral stair to be simple to install.

Your project, whether it’s outside or in, a remodel or new build, for your home or for a space you lease—whatever it is—is on a timetable. You don’t need that timetable to be interrupted by any unexpected or unnecessary slowdowns.

Level of Ease
So how easy should installing a spiral stair be to be considered “easy enough”? Keep in mind that that you don’t want the stair to be cheaply made if you put in a sizable investment. That means that the components should be solid and the overall structure should have a lot of thought and engineering behind the design.

But at the same time, it shouldn’t be as though you’re about to work on a car or take on a task requiring a degree in architecture.

Think of it this way, if the kit is designed with homeowners in mind, homeowners able to carry out a small renovation or installation project, then the kit should be something that can also be built by homeowners. Any average adult homeowners, armed with the most rudimentary of household tools, should be able to install the spiral stair with the help of one other person.

That’s about the level of ease you should expect from a quality spiral stair. Something designed for homeowners that know how to use simple tools like a hammer and screw driver (and know the difference between a flat head and a Phillips screwdriver).

Tools Required
Besides the basic household tools like a Phillips screwdriver, your kit should arrive with all other tools included. One thing your kit certainly should not require is the use of specialty tools. Such a built-in requirement would defeat the purpose of the stair being designed for the average homeowner.

Your kit might have the option of using power tools, which obviously you should use for the sake of speed of you own them. Why not use a power drill with a screw bit instead of a screwdriver if you own one? But manual hand tools should be all that are required to do the job and do it right.

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