Spiral Stair Replacement

Replacing a Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are a beautiful addition to any home, but they’ll need some updating just like any other aspect of home design. By updating your spiral stair design, you can change the entire look of your house and create a safer stair for you and your guests. It may seem like a daunting task to replace a spiral staircase with a completely new design, but it’s easier than you think. These questions break down any concern or question you may have about replacing a spiral staircase.

Replacing a Rusted Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are the perfect option for a homeowner who wants to save space while moving from one level of their deck to another. With outdoor applications come different considerations for a spiral stair. A stair placed outside must stand up to the outdoor elements while still keeping the beauty that you expect with a spiral stair. There are two stair types that are great for outdoor applications.

Aluminum Spiral Staircase

Aluminum spiral stairs are a versatile option for those who want a custom stair that will last outdoors. The naturally rust-prohibitive aluminum goes through a powder coating process that creates a weather proof finish on the stair. This finish also allows you to give your stair a custom color creating a one of a kind stair. An aluminum spiral stair has plenty of customizable options that help you to design the stair that will best fit your home’s design. If you want a classic stair, you can choose to add solid wood tread coverings and a wooden handrail. If you have a more ornate home design, you can add decorative balusters to enhance your stair.

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Galvanized Spiral Staircase

Galvanized Exterior stairs are a durable and cost-effective solution for a second story deck. The steel stair goes through a multistep cleaning and galvanizing process to ensure a flawless and professional finish. The entire stair is hot dipped in a zinc alloy solution to make sure every piece has the maintenance free finish, meaning that your initial cost of the product is the only cost. This include everything from the center column to the edges of treads and balusters where rusting typically starts. The finished product is a stair that has a metallic industrial grey finish that develops into a battleship grey over time. Many homeowners leave the stair in its natural state, but if you want a custom color, your stair can be painted with the proper paint and primers after 6 to 9 months.

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Spiral Stair Building Code and Safety

It’s common for building code to change over time to meet new safety standards. While a non-code spiral staircase is just as structurally sound as a code compliant stair, building code is in place to ensure the safety of homeowners and their guests. It’s possible that in the time since you installed your spiral stair, building code has changed.

The first code measurement is the width of the stair, or the diameter. The smallest diameter that a stair can have to meet code is 5’. The main reason for this measurement is to keep a clear walking path of at least 26”. Your clear walking path is the amount of space that a person can step on to walk up or down the stairs. Your platforms and landings must match the clear walking path of your stair. As they are the entry and exit points of your staircase, it’s important to have a large enough space to safely step to and from the platform.

A common question about spiral staircases is if they are safe for regular use, particularly in homes with children and pets. Unlike their ancient counterparts, modern spiral staircases often come with a lifetime warranty of fabrication and are engineered for safety. However, there are always extra safety measures you can take with your stair. Many homeowners are concerned with the gap between steps being wide enough for a foot to fall through. You can design your stair to include full risers that close that gap completely. If you want to leave some open space, you can choose a code riser that only allows a 4” space between the two steps. You can also create a minimal gap between the balusters of your stair. By adding extra spindles on each step, there’s only a 4” gap. You can add more balusters to your stair if you want to close the space as much as possible. If you’re worried about children accessing the stair unsupervised, you can add a safety gates to the top and bottom landing. This will keep the stair closed off from children and pets.

There are plenty of reasons you may want to replace your existing staircase with a new and updated spiral stair. Whether it’s because of your desired design aesthetic or for safety reasons, replacing a spiral staircase is easier than you think.

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