Spiral Staircase Kits For Lofts

Make the Most of your Loft Space

Lofts are the perfect way to add square footage to your home without the hassle of an expensive addition. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what the best loft stair option is for your home. Spiral stairs are a great solution to reach your home’s loft no matter what home design you have. The most obvious benefit is going to be the small footprint. You don’t want to take up all of your newly found space with a large staircase. The footprint of a spiral stair is kept to a small circle in your home’s floor plan.

By having a small footprint, your spiral stair also has the flexibility of access points. Whether you want it tucked into a corner or installed as a centerpiece to your home, Salter Spiral Stair can help you design the perfect spiral stair for your space. You can also choose to install your stair through a hole in the floor or at the face of the loft. This opens up a lot of design possibilities for the surrounding space as well.

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steel spiral stair with wood

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

The Classic Steel Spiral Stair is the perfect loft stair solution for homeowners that want a simple stair solution. You can customize the steel frame with different accents.

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Forged Iron Spiral Stairs

Library lofts and home offices create the right setting for an elegant Forged Iron Spiral Stair. Decorative spindles and riser are paired with wood accents for unique stairs.

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wood spiral stair

Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Access your loft with a traditional all wood design. A Solid Wood Spiral Stair gives your space a traditional design, without taking up a large amount of square footage.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.


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