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A Unique Residential Stairs Design

Almost every homeowner will need to find a means of access between two floors in their home. The first thought is usually a traditional straight staircase. However, you can add a unique design element with several benefits by installing a spiral stair in your home. They’re often associated with ornate entrance halls or large commercial areas, but spiral stairs are the perfect addition to your residential space in any application.

Spiral stairs are a great addition to a home that’s looking to maximize space. The spiral design builds on top of itself meaning you get a large walkable space on each step without taking up a large amount of space in your floorplan or in your backyard. You can easily tuck them into a corner for discreet access or make them a beautiful centerpiece in your home.

Whether you plan to install your spiral stair indoors or outdoors, Salter Spiral Stair has customizable designs to fit any home style. With three interior product lines and two outdoor lines, you can find the best residential spiral stair for you and your home. Our consultative designers are ready to go through each customizable option with you, from step styles to decorative spindles.

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steel spiral stair with wood

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

Salter’s Classic Steel Spiral Stair fits into any home with its affordable and versatile steel frame that has custom finishes and design accents.

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Forged Iron Spiral Stairs

Your home can have Victorian elegance with a Forged Iron Spiral Stair. Solid wood accents and decorative design elements create a unique stair.

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wood spiral stair

Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Traditional homes will love a Solid Wood Spiral Stair. This staircase takes the traditional all wood staircase and puts it into a smaller frame.

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You’ll get quick and accurate pricing plus our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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