Rooftop decks can fit into any lifestyle, whether it's in the city or suburbs.
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This rooftop deck design features a transitional aesthetic and simple furnishings. The deck itself has a traditional deck floor with white washed boards, but opts for a more secure and modern wall rather than a typical railing. The contrasting trim of the wall is brought into the furniture with the couch frame. A unique design feature of this rooftop deck is the skylight that leads down into the home.

The furniture in this rooftop living room has durable materials that will last through the constant outdoor exposure. The cushions and decorative pillows are made from a durable canvas, while the modern chairs to the side have plastic frames.

This residential rooftop deck takes the coastal aesthetic of the house and extends it to their outdoor entertaining areas. By putting their deck over their family’s sitting room on the corner of the house, they are able to keep as much green space available as possible, while still having their outdoor dining area.

The cable railing around their deck makes it virtually invisible and keeps the impact small. The spiral stair is also a great way to keep the home’s footprint as small as possible in their beautiful backyard. The small footprint keeps the deck stair as close to the home as possible, while still providing a comfortable and easy way to move between the two spaces. By choosing a white Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stair, they can match the color to their home’s other exterior accents for a cohesive design.

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Vibrant colors are what make this roof top deck pop. You can see in the background that this is an urban setting, but you wouldn’t notice when you’re relaxing in this beautiful green space. The homeowner created a small oasis in the city for an outdoor entertaining getaway. The burnt orange painted bricks contrast with the bright green foliage throughout the space.

The sitting area and dining area are pulled together in cohesive design with the wicker furniture and glass table tops. The cushions are a crisp white to keep the other colors of the space as the focus and are made from durable outdoor fabrics. Table top lanterns provide soft lighting at night while the pagoda overhead encloses the space without making it feel cramped.

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A rooftop deck doesn’t have to be ultra-modern. This all wood structure takes the idea of a traditional backyard deck design and brings it to the next level. This homeowner zoned the deck into two smaller sections. Not only does this help fit the small space, but it also creates the illusion of a larger area.

The hot tub is obviously the focal point of this deck. The homeowner filled the rest of the space with outdoor rugs, plants, and different seating options. All of the cushions are a burnt orange or a complementary pattern. The string lights around the railing create a soft light for nighttime outdoor entertaining.

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Wood paneling doesn’t have to mean you’re taking a traditional approach to your rooftop deck design. This sleek and clean wood paneling takes a step into the contemporary aesthetic. The same boards are used for the floor and half wall surrounding the deck.

This multi level roof deck has a space for every activity. Whether you want to lounge and sunbath on the upper tier or hang out by the grill in the hot tub, there’s room. The cable railing adds to the sleek and contemporary aesthetic that you see in the rest of the deck.

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This rooftop deck is the perfect example of taking this urban design trend and bringing it to a suburban setting. This homeowner took a multi level deck approach to their roof deck design. Each section of their outdoor space serves their own purpose. The grill is on the highest level with different seating areas on the spaces below.

They’re all connected with a spiral stair to make the most of the available square footage. A traditional deck stair would’ve taken up a large portion of the middle tier and taken away from the outdoor entertaining spaces. The spiral design juts out past the white railing to save even more space and keep the compact design in the corner.

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Don’t be afraid to make your rooftop deck a one of a kind space with pops of color and personality. This homeowner used bright colors and mixed patterns to create a unique outdoor entertaining area. The teal and yellow cushions complement each other. The teal is the primary accent color and can be found in the tabletop lights and grill accessories.

This rooftop deck design also features a sitting area and a dining area. The sitting area has all of the features that you would find in a typical living room. There is a coffee table and area rug to center the area with an outdoor fireplace as the focal point.

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Rooftop decks don’t have to be tropical and bright. This homeowner used cool colors to create a relaxing getaway above their home. The two tier deck uses composite boards instead of traditional lumber. This material is going to last much longer in the rainy Seattle climate than a natural wood product.

The grey outdoor couch and pale blue siding creates a neutral space with calming colors. There is a small coffee table to create a gathering point for your guests. The outdoor living room is completed with a small café table and chairs on the elevated platform with the grill.



Your roof top deck design may, in fact, be your entire roof! This boat house wanted to take advantage of the beautiful view by having a completely flat rooftop. They added a railed around the perimeter to create the perfect place to take in their surroundings.

To reach their observation deck, the homeowner decided to use a spiral stair accented with blue lights for a one of a kind access point. The spiral design keeps the stair’s footprint to a small circle and doesn’t distract from the dock or the beautiful surroundings. The additional of blue string lights on the spindles gives so extra visibility at night for a safety precaution.

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Fresh and bright are the perfect way to describe this rooftop deck. While many homeowners use a rich warm tone wood stain, this design features light washed wood for both the floor boards and the wood paneling around the perimeter. This wood is also seen in the ample seating options and coffee table.

The outdoor cushions have the same basic colors, with some grey mixed in help the space not feel too monochromatic. The bright flowers and hedges add bursts of color throughout a very neutral space. By keeping all of the plants spherical, it also contrasts the sharp edges of the rest of the furniture.

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This rooftop deck has a lot of warmth in the wood tones. This homeowner chose to take a traditional approach to the deck in the midst of a busy city. You can see the urban skyline in the background which contrasts the traditional all wood deck design and furniture.

There is a lot of greenery surrounding the outdoor entertaining space. The shapes and varying shades of green bring life to this urban oasis. They also provide a little more privacy than just the standard half wall around the rooftop.

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Some of the most popular rooftop deck designs are outdoor living rooms. The image above takes all of the standard elements of your home’s interior and brings them outdoors for a new place to entertain! The wood deck boards have a dark stain to create a rustic and broken in feeling.

The furniture has lots of outdoor cushions and pillows for a comfortable sitting area, but the real focus is the portable fire pit. Acting as the fireplace n this living room setting, it’s the focus point and gives the guests something to gather around. This has a small counter around the flame for your guests’ convenience.

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A coastal design aesthetic is the perfect way to decorate your rooftop deck as a getaway. This design style has a lot to do with the colors chosen and the materials used for the furniture. The wicker furniture creates a casual style with an equally relaxed color palette.

The light blues and soft neutrals create a zen place for outdoor entertaining with a dining area and a fire pit at the center of the seating area. The space also features café lights strung across the frame for the right ambiance during evening meals.

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This rooftop deck brings a refreshing burst of life in the center of a busy city. The largest part of this design is the greenery surrounding the space. They add punches of color throughout the all wood space, but also provide extra privacy where full walls and panels may not be an option.

The outdoor dining area is tucked in the corner and is built into the wood panels around the edge of the deck. The bench is built into the wall, much like a restaurant booth. There are extra chairs on the opposite side of the table. The homeowner provided some extra shade for sunny days with a large patio umbrella over the table.

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Some homeowners want a true outdoor living room. This design takes all of the major aspects of your interior entertaining space and brings it to a new level on a rooftop deck. They decided to take a different approach from the standard cement rooftop and install decorative tiles.

There is plenty of seating for all of the guests that is arranged around the center coffee table with an outdoor fireplace to the side. Extra shade is always a welcome design feature with rooftop decks as they don’t have any protection from sunny days. These large patio umbrellas are the perfect solution for guest comfort.



A residential rooftop deck can have the perfect balance of industrial and contemporary designs with the right choices. The home itself has a modern exteriors with a flat stone surface and cable railing around the top tier of the deck. The wood paneling brings some organic materials to the design and adds the contemporary aesthetic.

The metal accents around the deck create an industrial undertone to the space. The Galvanized Steel spiral stair from on level to the other not only maximizes space but fits into a utilitarian focused design. The table and chairs at the vent of the deck match the look of the stair and pulls the entire space together.

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Find some tropical inspiration with this Southwestern rooftop deck. The tiki bar is the obvious focal point for this rooftop. Complete with stools and a small sign of the front, it can transport you to a tropical getaway when you need it.

The rest of the furnishings are kept very simple with two hanging chairs that help you feel like you’re kicking your feet up in a hammock. Bright cushions bring lift the otherwise one note space. The large area rug also centers the furnishings for a simple, but functional relaxation spot.

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This rooftop deck took some major inspiration from the bright and lively Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery. The contemporary design has simple lines and materials. The outdoor cushions are a light neutral and have black accents in the pillow, coffee table, and frame. There is extra seating with the wood panel bench.

The bright green accents are brought in in just the right places. The large umbrella brings in a lot of color, but keeps it from taking over the space. You can also find the accents in decorative pillows and the surrounding plants.

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Rooftop deck designs aren’t limited to concrete surfaces for entertaining. If you want some green space in your urban home, consider adding some to your rooftop deck. This long space takes zoning to the next level. The furthest section features an outdoor dining area with a solid covering over the space.

As you move down the deck, you have a seating and lounge area that also has a grill and food storage area for the ultimate outdoor entertaining experience. You can also see that the homeowner used different tiles and flooring options to create an unofficial separate between the three spaces.

Rooftop decks work in so many different spaces. They’re the perfect solution for both urban and suburban homeowners that want some outdoor space without the available square footage.

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