3 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

3 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether a homeowner is planning to sell in the near future or building the foundation for long-term financial gain, the market value of the home is an important part of the equation. Homeowners can choose among various methods for increasing a home’s value, depending on timeline and budget, but there are three main areas that are guaranteed to reward investment with reliable gains in selling price. This brief overview explains the three paths that will enhance the value of any home.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

The utility costs associated with living in a home are relevant to buyers today and will only increase in importance with every passing season. Any investment that homeowners make in reducing energy costs will be recouped and true energy innovation will become a top-line item that will draw buyer interest. If the home is located in a sunny region, solar panels are a fantastic way to build in long-term energy efficiency. This option used to require a formidable upfront investment, but solar panel loans have become much more common, and government credits also help reduce the initial cost. The lower electric bills will be a big draw to buyers, who will feel reassured that they are protected against a future of rising energy costs.

More modest investments in energy efficiency include replacing leaky windows with high-quality, double-paned ones and adding extra insulation to areas where a contractor can gain access. Water heater technology is undergoing rapid energy-related change, and the options now include solar-heated tanks and tankless on-demand heaters.

2. Upgrade Landscaping

If home owners are seeking a very long-term increase in a home’s value, few outdoor improvements compare to planting shade trees. A large tree isn’t a feature that can be purchased at a store, and future buyers will be enticed by its irreplaceable value. If the home sale timeline is shorter, there are still countless ways to upgrade the home’s landscaping.

Real estate experts estimate that landscaping accounts for 15 to 20 percent of a home’s value. Installing a new lawn is one quick way to give a yard a fresher look, and adding flowering perennials, stonework and water features will make a significant difference in a short time. Look for inspiration in online image platforms like Pinterest for creative ideas.

3. Add Space-saving Features

Smaller homes become more marketable when space is used efficiently. They tempt buyers because of their affordability and lower energy costs, but their smaller size means that interior space is at a premium. Many clever renovations and additions can be introduced through low-key renovation projects. Choosing a few of these options will make a big difference in a home’s value.

A spiral staircase is one outstanding and beautiful space-saving feature to consider. These classic, sturdily built staircases add a touch of creativity and free up square yards of space that were previously occupied by conventional staircases. Spiral staircases also provide easy access to a loft, which adds significant usable space to the existing footprint of the house.

Other space-saving possibilities include baseboard drawers in the kitchen and various types of folding tables, hanging beds and roll-away kitchen storage units. As smaller homes are becoming more popular, it’s important to choose appropriate design features when space is limited.

You don’t have completely renovate your home to add value to it. These three ways can help you to increase the usable space in your home and have a major return on investment. If a spiral staircase is the right way to add value to your home, call one of our consultative designers to get a price on your design in five minutes or less!

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