Several modern interior decorating trends call for bringing the outdoors in. That’s an easy aesthetic to create with the simple incorporation of a Solid Wood spiral stair for your home or office. As you can tell with these wooden staircase photos, the natural beauty of wood tones is the perfect to augment any setting. These tones can be bright and cheery (perfect for spacious rooms with high ceilings and light walls) or warm and dark (great for rooms trying to project that glowing feel).

Looking closer at our selections of pictures of wooden stairs, you may also notice that they are genuinely all wood. Zero metal is visible on any square inch of any of the stairs’ surfaces. That means you get an unblemished wood aesthetic. Something hard to match in the industry. However, if you do want a little variance in the look of your stair, you can swap out the wooden balusters (which come in multiple cuts and designs) for one of our ornate iron balusters designs. That’s just one more option you have for personalizing your stair’s look.

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