Impressive Projects

4 Tips for Successful Row Home Renovations

These row home renovation ideas are the perfect jump start to planning your new home!

Design Your Own Guest House

Create a unique space for your family and friends by adding a guest house to your backyard.

Extend Your Home with a Finished Garage

Maximize all your home's available square footage by finishing your garage.

Renovation Ideas to Reinvent Your Style

Start 2017 with a new home design! Check out these emerging trends for the new year.

How to Design Your Barn Style Home

Barns are some of the oldest and longest standing buildings in America’s architectural history.

Getting your Deck Ready for Cold Weather

Once the weather starts to get a little cooler, it’s time to start protecting your deck for winter.

6 Ways to Make Your Tree House Safer

Treehouses are a great addition for a home that’s looking to take their backyard to the next level.

Finish the Bonus Room Over the Garage

A popular place to look for additional living space is the second floor of your unfinished garage.

Turning a Loft into a Living Room

A recently popular home project is to turn your loft into a living room for extra entertaining space.

Convert Your Attic into a Bedroom

The interesting architectural features of attics make it ideal for extra bedroom designs.

Turning a Loft into a Library

You can add a unique element to your house by incorporating a home library into your floor plan.

Turn Your Garage into an Apartment

Take advantage of unused space by building an apartment over your garage.